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January 15, 2024

This episode of the LVR Podcast delves into the crucial aspects of any successful mortgage broking business: Lead flow, Deal flow, and Work flow.

This episode of the LVR Podcast with Ruan Burger and Marissa Schulze delves into the crucial aspects of any successful mortgage broking business: Lead flow, Deal flow, and Work flow. Here are some key insights:

  • The importance of streamlined workflow, dealflow, and leadflow for mortgage brokers.
  • How technology can automate tasks and improve efficiency.
  • The need for customisation to ensure systems reflect brand identity and client experience.
  • The ongoing role of human interaction and relationship building.
  • Tips for choosing and implementing the right technology solutions.
  • The importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the mortgage broking industry.
  • The game-changing potential of technology for client retention and growth.

Our hosts Ruan Burger and Marissa Schulze unpack the importance of optimising these flows to ensure seamless client experiences, efficient operations, and ultimately, business growth. They discuss the benefits of technology in streamlining processes, while emphasising the human touch that remains essential for building lasting relationships with clients. Whether you’re a seasoned broker or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable tips to navigate the ever-evolving mortgage broking landscape.


“Your business is only as good as its flow. Get the lead, work the lead, and create a deal proposition that makes a client want to come back to you.” – Ruan

“There’s just such great technology out there at the moment that can help you streamline the lead flow, the deal flow, the workflow, and not only streamline it in a way that makes life much easier, it makes the customer experience so much better.” – Marissa

“You have to look at – when building a system – at what will impact the (client) relationship, what will impact the growth of the experience.” – Ruan

“What these systems do as well from a compliance perspective, it makes your compliance a lot more rock solid because it means that everything is recorded.” – Marissa



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