LVR Podcast™ – (Coming Soon)

LVR Podcast



The long-awaited podcast for Brokers.

Why the name LVR?



The more we learn, the better we deliver.

We know what we know, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Forever learning.



This is an industry of numbers and percentages.

As a Third Party we have not only proved our worth, but also our capacity to provide and our innate purpose.



Respect your clients, your peers, your distribution channels.

And, yourself.


We have an industry that we should be proud of, however, it is up to us as individuals to influence better behaviours, better outcomes and better solutions.


Join Ruan Burger.


And Marissa Schulze.


As they present their views on a variety of issues that affect us all as Mortgage Brokers. Their different and shared perspectives will no doubt inspire, entertain and prove to be of huge value to how you approach your day, and your life.



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