The LVR Podcast™ Episode #34

Written by on September 23, 2023

The LVR Podcast

Going Social – What’s going to give you the Biggest Bang for your Buck? with Guest Darrell Weekes

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September 23, 2023

This podcast is our chance to give back to the mortgage broking industry and talk about real issues that are affecting most brokers and loan writers right now. Learning, Validation and Respect = the very foundations of all relationships.


In this insightful episode of the LVR Podcast, we sit down with Darrell Weekes from Purple Thread Marketing to unravel the mysteries of the ever-evolving world of social media for mortgage brokers turned business owners. Our engaging conversation explores key strategies for success, and what really works and what doesn’t in the realm of social media for brokers turned business owners

Here are five key takeaways:

  • Social Media Simplified: Darrell emphasises that social media platforms are tools to deliver your message, not the message itself. Choosing the right platform is essential, and focusing on the message is paramount.
  • Leads, Not Likes: Likes and followers are nice, but what you really want are leads. Darrell explains the importance of turning engagement into tangible business outcomes.
  • Google Business Profile Power: The single most powerful social media tool for mortgage brokers is a Google business profile with five-star reviews. Learn how this can skyrocket your leads.
  • YouTube’s Untapped Potential: Discover the immense power of YouTube as a platform for generating leads by providing valuable informational content that your audience is actively searching for.
  • Optimising for Success: Darrell shares tips on optimising your Google Business Profile and YouTube channel to maximise their effectiveness and boost your visibility.

Tune in to this episode for a masterclass in navigating the social media landscape for mortgage brokers and discover how to stand out and thrive in the digital age.

Key quotes:

“Marketing and social media is something probably outside of the comfort zone of most of the people in this industry, but obviously there’s a lot of talk around the fact that we need to be doing this to be successful.” – Marissa

“Us brokers are found more frequently on these platforms, then the chances are brokers tomorrow become the client’s first choice.” – Ruan

“Remember, social media is a collective term for platforms that allow you to engage with an audience. That’s all. Some of them have no application for you whatsoever.” – Darrell

“You’ve got to pick your tribe, maybe this one first, invest in it, go hard in it, build it. And then, if you want to do another, then go to the next, rather than trying to do them all at once.” – Ruan

“You’ve given us so much great insight into some things that we can ALL do.” – Marissa

“For local mortgage brokers, brand awareness comes through your own work and having people understand the value that you deliver.” – Darrell


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