The Power Of A Business Coach For Mortgage Brokers

Written by on February 18, 2022

A business coach for mortgage brokers can help you right now – whether you’re starting out in your broking career, a seasoned pro looking to transition to the next level of growth or an owner of a mortgage broking business looking to grow to new heights. A business coach, specifically for mortgage brokers could be the missing piece of your puzzle. But it’s not for everyone!

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on how business coaching works, why a mortgage broker needs a coach and how we at Success & Broker can help you now.

How Does Business Coaching Work? 

A coach will help you to build a plan and a platform for growth. If you have specific goals and specific success markers you wish to attain, then a coach will help you formulate the plan that actually aligns with your goals THEN (and this is the important part) an implementation strategy to make it happen. 

Business coaching is about finding a knowledgeable, personable expert who has already attained the kind of success you’re searching for, has already done the hard work, already made the mistakes and is willing to share with you the value of his or her experience.

The first step to business coaching is acknowledging that you are ready for a coach. Someone who values the opinions and opportunity to work with an expert is willing to put in the work a coach will give, and someone who is ready for big change is definitely someone ready for coaching. The second step is finding a coach that fits with your personality and has the relevant experience that you’re looking for guidance around. 

Why Does A Mortgage Broker Need A Coach? 

In our industry, with the amount of work, clients, compliance and competition it really is the brokers with their head in the game, on top of all-the-things that will rise to the top. And it’s not easy. It’s an amazing industry with so much potential for success IF you follow the routines and use the systems that create a streamlined pathway for success. 

With such a multi-faceted role, a coach will help you across the board and if you have specific areas to focus on a coach will help you zone in on them.

For example; if your goals are based around building your referral business then a coach can work with you on your referral partnerships (how to find, maintain and nurture them).

If you’re looking to grow your mortgage broking business to bring on other mortgage brokers as employees or contractors, a coach can help you market, grow and build your business strategically.

If the WORK side of the job is under control but you’re struggling with mindset, energy management and responsibility then a coach can help you feel energized, give you strategies to work on and hold you accountable when you need it. 

If you already run a mortgage broking business but you’re looking to expand rapidly, increase profits then move on then a coach can help you with a marketing and exit strategy that makes sure your future is secured.

There’s no telling how far a coach can take you in this business. 

Coaching Is More Than Mentorship 

Enjoying a coaching relationship is more than meeting up for a coffee once a week and chewing the fat and providing an ear to bounce ideas off.

A coach will give you accountability and actions to achieve that are related around your specific goals. 

A mentor can be an amazing resource, especially for young brokers who are looking to learn and grow. However, a coach will give you the strategic edge. 

How To Choose The Right Business Coach For Mortgage Brokers

The world of coaching, especially business coaching is filled with experts who are all awesome at different things in business. For Mortgage Brokers and Owners of Mortgage Broking businesses especially, there are a few options. 

We will say this; experience matters.

Choosing a business coach for mortgage brokers you want to look for one who has experienced life as a top mortgage broker across multiple locations (ahem, like our leader: Ruan Burger) will put you ahead of the pack. You’ll be able to talk the talk with Ruan. He knows it all! 

When you’re actively looking for a coach, make sure you take the time to research and ask a lot of questions. Don’t be a sucker for a good sales call!

Invest time in researching the best fit for you and your business. Look at how this person interacts the first time you contact them, do they back up their phone call with an email explaining everything included in your coaching agreement?
Do they seem professional? Do they have a professional website and social media presence? Do they come highly recommended with peer reviews and industry association support? When you speak with them do you feel an instant rapport? Will you be able to work with this person on an ongoing basis? Do you feel you can learn from them? 

These are the things to look for when choosing a professional business coach.

business coach for mortgage brokersHow We Can Help You, Now. 

At Success & Broker, we have a few different ways to assist in your broker journey, depending on where in your career you are right now and what you’re looking to gain in the next twelve months and beyond. 

The Broker Journal™

The exercise program for finance professionals – The Broker Journal™ is designed to kickstart your broking journey, revitalise your broking career and set you on the path to lasting broker success. Through an online learning platform, you gain access to weekly coaching videos, activities and routines to help you plan, grow and expand your growth.

Your very own weekly coaching, results tracker and motivator in one place. The Broker Journal™ does not have any one-on-one support as a part of the program however it is industry recognised with a maximum of 30 CPD points from the MFAA and FBAA. Learn more about The Broker Journal™ here. 

Pathway to Broker Growth

This coaching option is personal one-on-one support with Ruan Burger. There are a couple of options ranging from monthly, bi-monthly and three-monthly check ins, depending on your goals and desire for growth. You also gain access to The Broker Journal™ which can work with your coaching side by side.  To enter into the Pathway to Broker Growth, it’s a discovery call process and we help you to decide the right option for you based on your present goals. 

The Proventus Program

As a Business Owner, you may seek to have a greater vision to fulfil. You may just need a little (a lotta) help getting there. Our Proventus Program sees you exclusively partner with Ruan Burger for eight one-on-one sessions per month for X months. 

This is serious business planning and deep strategic development for business owners with real goals to achieve and big plans to set in motion. 

Just remember; strategy is what is in front of you, vision is what is ahead of you.

A coach can assist with those strategic plays for better tactical implementation.

The Proventus Program is built on 4 pillars: research, planning, implementation and review.

Your vision, your strategy, our support. To enter into the Proventus Program, it’s a discovery call process so we can understand where your business is now, and where you want it to be. Click here to book the call

If you’re looking for a business coach for mortgage brokers, then you’re either a contractor/self-employed broker, working as part of a team at a company, or own a mortgage broking business. Whatever your situation, we can help you. We have solutions for you, whether you are metro or regional broker, just starting out or a seasoned pro – we’ve done the hard yards and we can help get you to where you want to be. Please get in touch with our team today.


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