Award-winning mortgage broker Ruan Burger is at the helm of Australia’s newest broker’s tool: the Broker Journal™

Written by on September 29, 2021

After building and selling successful mortgage broking companies in both regional Gladstone and metropolitan Brisbane, industry leader Ruan has set his sights on coaching Australian mortgage brokers and loan writers to success. 

“I spent the last fifteen years as a broker, understanding what makes a broker win or not. I wanted to create a system and a method that supports all aspects of a broker’s journey to success; from everyday actions to long term goals so you can ultimately enjoy a happier business. That’s the goal behind Success and Broker.” he says.

Ruan has created a game-changing online coaching program called the Broker Journal™. Via the Broker Journal™, any mortgage broker or loan writer can be coached on their processes, systems and methods of sourcing, retaining and managing clients.

“The Broker Journal™ becomes your business plan.” Ruan says. “You commit to your plan year after year as you start co-parking your activities, outcomes and therefore your settlements.” When you sign up, you gain access to 52 weeks of video lessons and supporting materials including action checklists.

With support from the industry’s two governing bodies: The MFAA and the FBAA accrediting 30 CPD points to any mortgage broker or loan writer who works through the Broker Journal™, Ruan is looking forward to coaching professionals all over Australia.

It is a great tool for anyone already established in the industry or wanting to become a broker or loan writer. The Broker Journal will give a bird’s eye view on what it takes to ensure you deliver for your clients, day after day, month after month and year after year.” 

“Ultimately brokers are pulling many strings together for the one outcome for the client. It can be a balancing act that takes time to perfect. The Broker Journal™ will set any broker up for success in that journey.” he says. “It can also be used for lender and aggregator relationships and by partnership managers to help understand the Broker’s role, their goals and outcomes more effectively.”

Wanting to give every broker the chance to learn, grow and dominate in their market, the Broker Journal™ is launching on October 1st of 2021, with an introductory price of $2 per day (less than your morning latte!)

For more information please see this page or reach out to our team. 

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