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Meet Our Coaches

Ruan Burger & Denise Roach

Ruan Burger: Your Mortgage Broking Catalyst for Tangible Results.

  • Results-oriented: Proven strategies for explosive growth and exceeding goals.
  • Straightforward approach: No-nonsense guidance for immediate implementation.
  • Unwavering commitment: Dedicated to your success every step of the way.

Ruan isn’t just a coach; he’s your trusted ally on the path to mortgage broking success. With a laser focus on tangible outcomes and a passion for process optimisation, Ruan empowers you to achieve sustainable growth. His straightforward approach eliminates the fluff and gets you straight to the strategies that deliver real results. Don’t settle for half-measures; Ruan’s unwavering commitment ensures you have the support and guidance you need to reach your full potential.

Programs Ruan can assist with:

  • State of Play.
  • Pathway to Broker Growth.
  • Proventus Program.
  • REACHLX Program.
  • Bootcamps.
Denise Roach - Success and Broker

Denise Roach: Your Mortgage Broking Architect – Building Growth, Streamlining Operations

  • Decades of industry experience: Tap into a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies.
  • Award-winning expertise: Trust her national accolades and proven track record.
  • Process mapping mastery: Optimise your workflow and eliminate wasted time.

Denise, our Success & Broker Engagement Visionary, is your blueprint for a thriving mortgage broking business. With over 20 years of experience from CBA and multiple state and national (Sales Support, Business Administration, Teamwork) awards under her belt, Denise brings a wealth of industry knowledge and proven strategies to the table. She’s a master of process mapping and process wastage, helping you streamline your operations and unlock hidden efficiencies. Whether you’re a new broker or a seasoned veteran, Denise can help you build a stronger, more profitable business, one step at a time.

Programs Denise can assist with:

  • REACHLX Program.
  • Bootcamps.

190+ Reasons

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Don’t just take our word for it. Dive into our Google Reviews and witness firsthand how Success & Broker empowers mortgage brokers and businesses to achieve remarkable results.

Personalised Coaching, Proven Strategies, Guaranteed Results: Our Bootcamps Deliver

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Three Bootcamps

Three Roads to Success.

Accelerator Bootcamp


Supercharge Your Workflow & Maximise Profits



  • Identify and eliminate hidden inefficiencies.
  • Streamline your operations for maximum productivity.
  • Implement proven process mapping strategies.
  • Achieve future growth through optimised workflows.

Who Should Attend: All staff inclusion.


  • One full-day session (2.5h morning & 2.5h afternoon) or two half-day sessions (morning/afternoon).
  • First Session: SWOT analysis and an intensive dive into process mapping and wastage review.
  • Second session: Collaborative implementation strategies for immediate results. Process planning and configurations adjustments.

Review: 1 hour review after 6 months

$5,000 + GST (one day) or $6,000 + GST (two days).
Travel and accomodation to be covered by broker company.

The review hour is free of charge as our commitment gift to you.

Generator Bootcamp


Build a Client-Centric Business: Master Engagement & Delivery with The Generator Bootcamp



  • Attract and retain high-value clients with proven engagement strategies.
  • Optimise your workflow for seamless delivery and consistent deal flow.
  • Uncover and address potential dealflow bottlenecks.
  • Foster a loyal client base for long-term success.

Who Should Attend: Business owners and all staff involved in client acquisition, communication, and loan processing.


  • One full-day session (2.5h morning & 2.5h afternoon) or two half-day sessions (morning/afternoon).
  • Session 1: Financial Dynamics (Business Structure) – Business Owners (90min) and Strategic Planning (Client Engagement) – All Staff
  • Session 2: Detailed exploration of the Four Pillars of Success: Engagement Pillar (Lead Flow), Delivery Pillar (Work Flow), Maintenance Pillar (Deal Flow) and Loyalty Pillar (Sales Flow)
  • Potential referral to The Accelerator Bootcamp for Dealflow concerns.
  • Focus: Engagement & Delivery Pillar as we know that generating a good leadflow leads to good cashflow.

$5,000 + GST (one day) or $6,000 + GST (two days).
Travel and accomodation to be covered by broker company.

Power Play Bootcamp


Unleash Your Full Potential: Grow Your Business with The Power Play Bootcamp



  • Master every aspect of your mortgage broking business.
  • Implement proven strategies for growth and market leadership.
  • Drive operational excellence and achieve peak efficiency.
  • Build a thriving, future-proof business model.

Who Should Attend: Highly motivated business owners and key staff members seeking an intensive transformation.


  • Two full-day sessions (4.5h hour sessions/day).
  • Session 1:
    • Financial Dynamics (business structure) – business owners (90min)
    • Strategic Planning (Client Engagement) – all staff (60min)
    • SWOT Analysis – Process Mapping (2.5h)
  • Session 2:
    • Detailed exploration of the Four Pillars of Success: Engagement Pillar (Lead Flow), Delivery Pillar (Work Flow), Maintenance Pillar (Deal Flow) and Loyalty Pillar (Sales Flow) (2h)
    • Process Planning – Configurations adjustments and changes for review (2.5h)

Review: 2 hours after 6 months

$8,500 + GST (two days).
Travel and accomodation to be covered by broker company.

The two hour review is free of charge as our commitment gift to you.

Want to know more?

Common Questions – Answered

What types of mortgage brokers do you work with?

When Mortgage Brokers reach out to us, we look for individuals and businesses ready to make a meaningful investment in themselves. Our ideal clients are driven individuals and businesses, who are:

  • Eager to grow and expand their businesses.
  • Committed to continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
  • Willing to invest in personal or company development.
  • Seeking clarity in their vision and the strategies to realise it.
  • Interested in creating a better future through informed decisions.
  • Open to being held accountable for their actions and intentions.
  • Dedicated to nurturing a growth-oriented and sustainable mindset.

Want to find out more about The Accelerator?

The Accelerator is a one-day intensive session (or two half-day options) designed to streamline your operations and unlock growth. Our expert coaches guide you through a comprehensive process mapping workshop, helping you identify and eliminate inefficiencies that hold you back. We then work together to develop personalised implementation plans to optimise your workflows and maximise your results. You’ll leave with clear strategies, actionable steps, and the ongoing support of our coaching team to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Want to find out more about The Generator?

Get ready to master client acquisition and retention with our interactive two-session Generator Bootcamp. We dive deep into the four pillars of success, equipping you with proven strategies to attract high-value clients, optimise your workflow, and build a loyal base. Through a combination of group sessions and individual coaching, you’ll learn how to generate leads, nurture relationships, and close deals consistently. We’ll also identify potential dealflow bottlenecks and provide specific strategies to address them, ensuring your pipeline stays full and your business thrives.

Want to find out more about The Power Play?

The Power Play Program is not for the faint-hearted, not only do you have to show up – you have to remain on point and present.

The Power Play Bootcamp is your ultimate roadmap to mortgage broking success. This two-day intensive program covers all four pillars of success, from Financial Dynamics to Client Loyalty. We combine expert-led sessions with interactive workshops and personalised coaching to help you achieve peak operational excellence, implement growth-driven strategies, and build a future-proof business model. You’ll leave with a comprehensive action plan, accountability measures, and a complementary review as our commitment to you to ensure you unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve.

What sets your coaching programs apart from others in the market?

While we can’t speak for other coaches or their programs, we’re proud to have our clients speak on our behalf. With over 150 5-star reviews on Google, our passion, purpose, and commitment to this industry and its members shine through. Feel free to read our reviews for firsthand experiences! 😉😉👏

What results can I expect from your coaching?

Our coaching can lead to various outcomes, including:

  • Personal growth.
  • Improved performance metrics with accountability and responsibility.
  • Enhanced time management skills, optimising your use of limited hours.
  • A refined recruitment process, focusing on career paths rather than job-seeking.
  • Effective budget planning based on realistic numbers.
  • A coaching relationship that pays its way—consider how just a few additional deals can offset the cost of having us on your management team.

Is my personal and financial information secure when working with you?

Absolutely. We handle very little client data, and what we do have is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.

Can I speak to one of your clients who has benefited from your coaching?

We encourage you to speak with at least two of our clients before making a decision. This will provide you with firsthand insights into how they’ve benefited from our coaching and support. If their experiences resonate with you, let’s get started on your journey together without delay.

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