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Australian Lending & Investment Centre’s Damian Brander talks Investment Lending & Education

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June 14, 2023

This podcast is our chance to give back to the mortgage broking industry and talk about real issues that are affecting most brokers and loan writers right now. Learning, Validation and Respect = the very foundations of all relationships.


Join Ruan, Marissa and Damian from Australian Lending & Investment Centre in this engaging conversation as they dive into the world of investment lending and education. Discover the strategies that the ALIC employs to minimise cash flow impact for their investment clients, get the inside scoop on the pros and cons of niche specialisation vs diversifying, and learn more about their unique career pathway program. Plus, uncover how ALIC has fostered a diverse team, celebrating achievements in gender and cultural diversity. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on specialisation, education, and building a skilled and inclusive workforce.

Find answers and insights to the following:

  • How does ALIC see the current market challenges as exciting opportunities for investors?
  • How does ALIC minimise cash flow impact for their investment clients?
  • What are some examples of ALIC’s successful collaborations with experts from related fields?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of niche specialisation in mortgage brokering?
  • How does ALIC’s career pathway program support the development of expertise and ensure high-quality brokers?
  • How has ALIC fostered gender and cultural diversity within their team and the benefits they have experienced?

Key Quotes:

“What we’ve done is we’ve invested in people at the very beginning, and we’re showing them that you can become a broker, that it’s not this hard cliff you have to jump off and sort of make it on your own.” – Damian

“I think our industry needs to see more of those career pathways being set up so that we can try and get some good young people into the industry, and make sure the quality and equality is there.” – Marissa

“There’s a big investment that comes into play because you almost have to build your employees in a certain form to be sure that they deliver on what you’ve been selling to the market in respect to your capacity.” – Ruan

“For us it makes a lot more sense to invest in people at a very early stage and grow them through all of our business roles to ensure that they are appropriately trained and have the right skills and the right experience and technique to mirror what we expect of our investment lending managers.” – Damian

“The trust equation is very simple, it’s all about what’s in the best interest of the client.” – Damian

“A lot of our listeners will be torn between specialising in a niche and diversifying, and you’re obviously a very successful example where specialisation has worked really well for you.” – Marissa

“The tests are already done. From what ALIC has done in terms of the career pathway program, they’ve got enough information to show us all that it is working. At a grassroots level we can make our industry even better.” – Ruan


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