3 Tips for Finding Your Rhythm as a Broker

Written by on March 13, 2023

All brokers want to know the answer to this age-old question: What makes one broker better than the next? If you ask us, it all boils down to something we like to call the broker’s rhythm. So the follow-up question is usually, “what is the broker’s rhythm?” 

Is it their process?

The way they provide support to clients?

Could it be their knowledge and experience?

What about how they manage lead flow?

Or perhaps, they’re skilled at identifying the right prospective clients? 

We’re not trying to be facetious, but there isn’t one simple answer — it could be many things! So, how can you choose the right areas to focus on and put your best broker foot forward? In this post, we’ll share our top three tips for finding your rhythm as a broker. 

1. Rhythm in mindset, routines, and behaviours.

Before we dive in, It’s worth pointing out that finding your rhythm isn’t exclusive to brokers — these tips are helpful for bankers and loan writers, too! So, what is ‘your rhythm?’ We like to think of it as your daily routines, mindset, and behaviours that influence how you operate as a broker

We want you to find a rhythm that comes as easy to you as breathing and powers your business growth. So start by looking at your daily routine; how do you work best? Choose when you will do administrative tasks, respond to calls and emails, or meet with prospective clients. Sticking to a consistent routine will help you manage your time, prevent burnout, and shape your rhythm.

2. Rhythm in lead flow and relationships

Lead flow and relationship building are at the core of success in the mortgage broking industry. Whether talking about clients or other industry professionals, making new contacts, building trust and nurturing these relationships are essential parts of your broker rhythm

Regardless of how you build these connections; networking events, social media, word-of-mouth, or email marketing, to name a few — the key is staying consistent. It’s not a one-time effort; it requires ongoing attention and effort. In doing so, you’ll create a network of trusted contacts and referral sources to keep bringing in more business.

3. Rhythm in embracing the right technology 

From culture and recruitment tools to online calculators and third-party aggregators, technology has transformed our industry! We’ve chatted with countless guests on the LVR Podcast about leveraging tech to remove pain points and make it easier than ever to find your rhythm as a broker. 

Now, it’s important to note that relying only on tech is not the answer. We, brokers, must remain proactive and engaged in the process and not take a backseat. The key is choosing the right technology that can streamline processes, enhance the client experience, and improve efficiency — blending the best of tech with a human touch is the perfect solution.

Go forth and find your rhythm! 

When you find your rhythm, you will find yourself; this is where the magic happens! Here is where you’ll find yourself on the metaphorical dancefloor instead of merely watching from the balcony.

“But what if I have two left feet?” you might say; our advice is to dance anyway and keep dancing until you feel comfortable. There’s wisdom in the saying, “dance like no one is watching,” after all. 

Finding success means understanding who you are as a broker, what drives you and what makes you stand out. By discovering your broker rhythm, you can align your actions and decisions. Remember, people buy the broker, not the product. Your clients want a genuine, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic broker rather than someone simply going through the motions. 

Say, wouldn’t it feel good if every part of your business hummed along smoothly? That your energy was spent on the things that make a difference to your business and attract your ideal clients to you? It’s possible! Ask us about our Proventus Program and discover your rhythm and beat.

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