Recruitment, Retainment and Revitalising Your Company’s Workplace Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.

Written by on August 25, 2022

It’s a very competitive market place right now when it comes to finding the right people that are going to help grow your business.

Business owners all want to find the best applicants, attract them to apply for the role on offer and welcome them into their team effectively.

The time, investment and energy this process can take is taxing, you want to know you’re choosing the right person for the right role in the right team the first time round. And the applicant wants to be assured they’re choosing the right company to invest their time and energy in also.

Talented applicants are out there – but you need to present your company not only as a great place to work with a thriving culture, but as a company that will support your team members, help them develop professionally and provide a pathway for growth. 

No easy feat. 

Enter – The REACH Ecosystem. REACH is a capability and culture platform (including profiling and learning) that enables businesses to provide their leaders with the tools they need to be more effective leaders at each stage of the journey as a leader.

By using the REACH platform throughout the recruitment process you are showing your applicants that you acknowledge who they are and how they work, you value them, you will invest in them as a person and help them grow.

All of which is highly valuable to a new hire and can give you a massive competitive edge in the market when an applicant is considering one or more job offers.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg in what REACH can help you achieve in your business. 

And it all starts with data. 

What is the difference between REACH and DISC or any other profiling tool? 

A profiling tool helps an employer identify an applicant who is ideally suited to the role on offer…and pretty much ends there. 

REACH is far greater than a profiling tool, it’s that PLUS a capability and culture building platform. Within REACH is a learning and development system with thousands of resources available for your team to use to grow their skills. 

So yes, REACH has a profiling element and that’s the first step in the process BUT it takes it much further. Based on the initial profile, each individual has their own REACH Platform where they have access to their results together with customised learning content pulled together from thousands of resources, based on their specific needs.

Any team member has access to micro-learning (which is data led and automated) where they can use tools to develop the skills they may need to grow within their role and within the company. 

At What Stage Can You Apply The Reach Platform To Your Applicants? 

You can apply the REACH platform at the shortlist stage of your application process.

So REACH allows you to get the insights into whether a person’s personality and work style is compatible with the role on offer (and possibly even complimentary to their direct team’s personality and work style). 

Using REACH you can say to a new hire “We understand you and we value how you approach life and work. At the same time, we’re going to help you grow and develop with curated learning to suit your style and your goals.”

How powerful is that!? 

How Can REACH Help Business Owners and Leaders? 

From a leader’s perspective, REACH can help in attracting and selecting the best people, to more effectively welcoming them into the team, improving overall team synergy, engagement, skills and effectiveness.

A leader can rely on REACH to provide their team with personalised learning content so that they can have help in coaching and mentoring team members in the areas where they could improve and expand their skills. Taking one more thing off a leader’s to-do list. For leaders who enjoy the coaching process this curated learning can act as base for the lessons they wish to share with the team. 

REACH can also help with the leader’s own learning and development as a manager and coach. Within the Culture element of the REACH system there is access to surveys for the team. These surveys can help a leader understand how they’re showing up as a leader and create a learning and development journey in parallel with the results that come back. 

Leaders who appreciate having the insights and tools to be more effective leaders and have higher performing teams are going to love REACH. 

Culture Is King 

How people feel about their day is how they’re managed, how their team works around them and behaves towards them. If a boss has a certain way they work and interact, then that becomes the culture. 

The goal is to have a vibrant, thriving team that love what they do, adding value to the business every day and becoming your raving fans. 

REACH will give you a Culture Insights Report with engagement score and employee experience reports. These surveys can identify things a company may need to do better to increase the engagement and overall happiness of a team.

THEN it will give you the learning content needed to teach your leaders the resources they need to better improve these results. If a team is enjoying the work, feeling valued and respected by the leaders then they’re more likely to stay, be proactive and take more pride in their work – happy days. 


Ultimately, REACH is an amazing tool that business owners can rely upon to ensure they are doing their best to find the right person for the right role who will work well with their existing team and help grow the business. From there REACH becomes a company wide success tool, being able to assist with culture strengthening, leadership development, learning and growth strategies plus so much more. 

Success and Broker have signed up with REACH to offer the platform for our one-on-one clients. To learn more about how Success and Broker can work with your team, Get In Touch today via this form, book your discovery call and let’s get started. 

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