The LVR Podcast™ Episode #19

Written by on July 13, 2022

The LVR Podcast

How Mortgage Brokers Can Introduce Insurance Broking Into Their Arsenal – With Special Guest Corey Jellicoe

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July 13th, 2022

This podcast is our chance to give back to the mortgage broking industry and talk about real issues that are affecting most brokers and loan writers right now. Learning, Validation and Respect = the very foundations of all relationships. 


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Today’s episode talks all things insurance with special guest and insurance broker and expert; Corey Jellicoe. 

Key notes: 

  • Each State in Australia has different rules when it comes to risk and insurance. So you need to introduce insurance early with your clients, especially in Qld and SA.
  • The recent floods have really highlighted exactly what an insurance broker does. It’s super important. Insurance brokers do a similar thing in working one-on-one with a client from A to Z.
  • When it comes time to lodge a claim you have a broker that is representing you in that claim. We lodge the claim for you and deal with any assessors or property managers and we take that stress away from the client.
  • My role as a broker changes in the times of big events like floods. When that happens then I become a claims specialist.
  • At the moment it’s an interesting time; building industry has been hit hard, building materials are low, insurers are flying assessors over from different companies to help with claims, it’s an interesting period.
  • When buying a new home, there is typically a 21 day cooling off period for your policy or if the house contract falls over, so you need to be aware of what your policy covers, from when and what happens when settlement happens and when the charges are due.
  • The option of paying your home and contents insurance monthly is a great way to manage your monthly household budget.
  • Any area that has been affected by the floods could see a rise in premiums and the mortgage broker can help to make clients aware of this early.
  • Generally you will save 20% on insurance when you go direct to an insurance provider however policies with a broker will be worded more in your favour and at the end of the day, if you have a claim then you’re represented come claims time and you get what you pay for. Working with an insurance broker you are creating a long term relationship and you have someone taking care of you.
  • A mortgage broker and insurance broker really work hand in hand and I work to make the mortgage broker look great. 


Key Quotes

It’s so important to have those insurance conversations early on”– Marissa 

“Each State in Australia has different rules when it comes to risk. You need to introduce insurance early with your clients.” – Corey

“Having a broker back you up takes that stress away from you.”- Corey

“It’s the service proposition that sells it. ” – Ruan




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