Why Tunnel Vision Is Holding You Back

Written by on June 14, 2022

It’s super easy as a mortgage broker or loan writer to get ‘tunnel vision’. The work load, the compliance load, the client load – it’s a lot. 

So getting through the ‘work’ can easily see you maintain lazer focus on the numbers, not necessarily looking broader at the activity that drives those numbers. 

And it’s ok to focus on the numbers, but whilst you’re maintaining focus – you need to turn on a light inside the tunnel. 

Understanding where you’re going, and why you’re heading there will let you think broader, bigger and better. 

And this is the key for your business expanding. 

One of the sayings I like to remind coaching clients is; “What happens today, creates your reality three months from now”.

So what drives the numbers? 

If you only focus on the numbers day in and day out you won’t hone in on your skill, your relationships or your capacity for truly succeeding in this industry. 

The factors that really drive the numbers are your people skills. 

Never underestimate the value you can bring to your business when you hone your skills as an amazing communicator.  

For people to trust you and do business with you [aka add to your numbers] they first have to like you. 

They like you through your ability to relate to them, through your empathy to them, through your communication and your professionalism. 

It’s these ‘soft’ skills that bring in the ‘hard’ dollars. 

Relate To Resonate 


Tunnel vision in focusing on numbers and work can also relate to your referrals. If you are looking at your referral partners purely transactionally, then you’re missing out on the big picture. 

For you to really be of value and service to a referral partner, you must understand what is important to that referral partner? If you don’t know what it is they value in a relationship, then how you can be the best possible source of that value? You easily lose that referral partner to someone who has taken the time to know. 

Clients, referral partners alike will buy into your care factor. You can become a source of insight, wisdom and value to them. This is when you step up from being a mortgage broker or loan writer to a trusted advisor. This is when your business will see a turning point. 

Relate to resonate; it’s a big deal. 

Understand Your Value

As a mortgage broker or loan writer you will know: systems and processes are your friend! 

But what about the elements of your business that are not easily quantified – like your value? Do you feel you ‘sell’ your value enough? 

If you’re like most of the broker’s we work with through our coaching process – probably not. You’re most likely massively undervaluing and underselling your value. 

So what’s your value? What can you bring to the table? 

These questions become easy to answer when you spend the time asking yourself and your team; 

What makes me the best partner for my clients on their home loan journey?  

Who am I (in the market) and what am I selling? 

What is my market proposition? 

If you know what this is, you know what your client actually needs from you. 

And guess what? Then you can communicate these answers back to the client and most likely win more business. 

So when you understand your value, and live into it – the numbers take care of themselves. 


If you’re stuck in the tunnel, burrowing, working, not looking up or out, trust me, you’re in the middle of an opportunity.

An opportunity to take a step back, breathe and recommit your focus to the bigger picture. In six months from now, what do you want your day to look like? Your client list to look like? Your referral partners to look like? Your bank balance to look like? 

Be the top 10% of brokers who ask themselves these questions and work NOW on what the vision looks like.

If you’d like to book in a session with our team to get on track with your vision and your future, Get In Touch today via this form, book your discovery call and we’ll be able to book in your session soon Or stay updated by signing up below. 

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