How Leveraging Technology Can Make You A Better Broker or Loan Writer

Written by on February 11, 2022

As a mortgage broker or loan writer, you’re dealing with an unprecedented number of clients, increased client expectations, more compliance conditions than our industry has ever seen and the emergence of digital lenders….it can all be a little overwhelming.

Especially if you are yet to embrace technology as your friend in business. 

Firstly, let’s put it out there: tech is your friend.

Repeat after me: tech is your friend! 

If you’re saying this through gritted teeth, say it again: tech is your friend. 

Technology in mortgage broking and loan writing has its place. Embracing and integrating technology into your business will see some unique and positive changes to your day-to-day. It will: 

  • Allow you to create a better client experience
  • Free up your time to cultivate your relationships 
  • Streamline your business admin and marketing practices 
  • Stay abreast of digital and tech changes to our industry 
  • Plan for growth

So, repeat after me: tech is your friend!

The Value Of Embracing Technology As A Broker 

We have so many tech and digital services available at our fingertips – all services that allow us to unravel the process of a loan application and simplify it for our clients – winning!

You know that applying for a loan, buying a home and making a big financial decision is at the top of the “big life stress” list for most clients. Your ability to take as much of that stressful process away from them, and make it super simple and streamlined will result in more raving fans out in the market.

Tech also lets us speed up the time it takes to gather information, present and submit it (which also frees up your time as a broker, to work on the elements of the job that truly light us up). 

Whether you use (or start using) digital signature services, screen-scraping tools, remote VOI tools for identity checks or soft credit checks, CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation tools – there are so many ways you can start to use technology to boost your productivity and efficiency.


What’s The End Goal You Should Aim For With Technology In Your Business

The end result is always: making life easier for you and your clients. 

Using smart systems and tech (where it’s necessary) will allow you to move a client through their journey with you with ease and confidence. 

Integrating tech into your everyday practices can help to create more efficiency and productivity within your business so you can serve more clients with more purpose.

Tech services can take over a lot of the manual admin and paper ‘work’, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best and what is important; building trust, cultivating relationships and maintaining referral partnerships. 

Your client’s experience should always be the first metric you test your success against. 

success and broker_broker in tech

What Else Can Tech Let Me Do? 

Aside from your client’s experience, your ability to leverage tech lets you plan for your end goal. Systems and automation lets you know your numbers, pivot strategies around them and work towards them. A lot of this can be worked from one central location in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It’s an online system designed to show all the relevant data you have on leads, deals, clients and pipelines. 

Do you have a year on year growth figure you’re chasing?
Are you chasing a specific income amount or deal number?
Do you have a new business quota to meet? 

Whatever it is, your ability to leverage tech will let you reach it faster. Your “data” in the form of numbers will let you see where you are falling behind, where you are leading, and where you have room for improvement across pretty much any metric that you wish to measure. 

If you keep your head in the sand with tech advancements you will get left behind, it’s that simple.


How To Marry Tech And Face-to-Face Relationships 

There is still a good chunk of your success that will rely on your ability to nurture lasting and real relationships with your clients and partners. 

Mortgage brokers who can marry tech services and smart solutions with good old, face-to-face customer service and exceptional relationship management will be the brokers who lead the industry. 

If you have set up automated email messages at different times of your client’s journey, that’s awesome – back it up with a phone call or face-to-face appointment for the big milestones. Send a personal message to let them know what you’re doing behind the scenes. Jump on a zoom and take them through the next stage of the process. These are not big lightbulb moments, but trust me, they make all the difference.

The relationship you have with your clients does not end on settlement. You can schedule follow up emails, check-in calls, newsletter sends – whatever you feel is necessary to stay in their circle so they continue to see you as a trusted advisor. They become a referral partner through recommending friends and family, they become clients again for their next loan, they rave about you on social whenever anyone asks “Does anyone know a great mortgage broker?” 

Tech + Face-to-Face = Winning Combination 

What Is The Broker Journal™ And How Can It Help Me?  

If talking about tech has you scratching your head – don’t worry, you’re not alone. All the “things” our industry encapsulates now can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created The Broker Journal™ – to help brokers and loan writers stay motivated, skilled and empowered to be the best professional they can be. 

The Broker Journal™ is quite revolutionary for our industry. It’s the exercise program that as a finance professional, you need in your life. Designed to kickstart your broking journey or revitalise your broking career, it will set you on the path to lasting broker success – no matter what time of the year you begin the program. 

Through an online learning platform, you gain access to weekly coaching videos, activities and routines to help you plan, grow and expand your growth.

Yes, integrating tech is one part of the puzzle. Relationships, marketing, managing your energy – they’re also parts of the puzzle. The Broker Journal™ lets you look at your year holistically, taking into account all the little pieces you need to be successful. 

Starting at a cost less than your daily flat white, it’s a no brainer.  Find out more here. 


To Recap – The Fast Five on Leveraging Technology


  1. Don’t be afraid of tech – tech is your friend. 
  2. The end goal of integrating technology into your business should always be an exceptional customer experience.
  3. Systems and tech let you know, use and plan around your numbers more efficiently.  
  4. If you don’t embrace tech (now) you will get left behind. 
  5. Never let tech get in the way of your relationship with your clients. 

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