The LVR Podcast™ Episode #8

Written by on February 9, 2022

The LVR Podcast

Should I Be a Full Time or a Self Employed Broker?

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February 9. 2022

This podcast is our chance to give back to the mortgage broking industry and talk about real issues that are affecting most brokers and loan writers right now. Learning, Validation and Respect = the very foundations of all relationships. 




This episode is for you if you’re starting out as a broker and wanting to learn the pro’s and con’s between self-employed and full time employed brokers. Take a listen now. Key points include: 

  • The best things about the self-employed broker model are the flexibility and control you can have. 
  • The best things about the full-time employee model are the stability, support and company ‘extras’ that could be at play.
  • This industry has limitless earning potential, no matter which model you choose to work under. The question is; what model is going to give you the chance to work with more people, talk and connect with more people and essentially help more people. Because when you take care of the people, the money will come. 
  • As your business grows you do not have all the time to give, so you start to become more appreciative of your time, your family and what works for you.
  • Think about this; who you are and what are you trying to do? Self-employed brokers must think like a business owner, because when you’re trying to deal with clients and referrals all the business “stuff” can just add onto your stress. If you can deal with it and manage it yourself, then self-employed can be a way for you. 
  • Think about what vehicle will allow you to become the best broker and the best person you can be and run with that. 
  • Regardless of what model you’re in, your “brand” is your name. You choose to put your best self out there, no matter if you’re a self-employed broker or a full-time employee. 
  • New brokers need help with resources but also need to create a circle of influence. The Broker Journal™ is an excellent resource for new brokers as it’s a 52 week online coaching program that will keep you on track in your broker’s journey.

Key Quotes


“Look after the people and the money will look after itself”- Ruan

“Find the model that allows you a client and engagement flow that will give you the ability to learn more and become a better broker.” – Ruan

“You need to enjoy it. It needs to be sustainable. If you surround yourself with good people every day, it will be sustainable”– Marissa

“Both models (full time and self-employed) have unlimited earning potential, depending on who you’re working with.”

“There is definitely value at being a part of a trusted and respected brand. If you are on your own it’s hard to find the support you need, and the recognition that a group or brand can offer.” – Marissa 




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