Why Is NOW The Time To Sign Up For The Brokers Journal? 

Written by on January 20, 2022

Our industry is rapidly advancing, and to stand out and succeed as a mortgage broker or loan writer, you must commit yourself to excellence. Simply; The Broker Journal™ lets you do just that. 

Firstly, What Is The Broker Journal?

The exercise program for finance professionals – The Broker Journal™ is designed to kickstart your broking journey, revitalise your broking career and set you on the path to lasting broker success.

You see, success is not measured by huge steps, it’s measured by consistent, small steps that add up over time to make a big difference.

As a broker, loan writer or team you can decide to make this year your best year in business. And it starts now. 

Through Success & Broker’s innovative online learning platform, you gain access to The Broker Journal™. Think of it as your yearly plan, consisting of weekly coaching videos, activities and routines to help you plan, grow and expand on your success. 

Why Do I Need Coaching?

Even world number one athletes have a coach!


Coaching in any industry has its place. However, especially in our current mortgage broker industry, there is more competition, compliance, expectations and options for consumers than ever before.

This type of climate demands nothing less than excellence.

It will see the cream of the crop rise to the top, and the rest will flounder somewhere in the middle.

If there was ever a time to get some extra help, an insiders ‘coaching’, some extra motivation and a reminder of excellent strategies…it’s now. 

Success & Broker is proud to say that our industry has joined The Broker Journal™ in a number of ways.


The MFAA and the FBAA have allocated 30 cpd points to the completion of The Broker Journal™, recognising it as an important and needed industry training tool. Any MFAA or FBAA Member who signs up and consistently works through the weekly learning has access to the cpd points. PLUS if you’re an MFAA or FBAA member you receive access to The Broker Journal™ at a 50% discount. Click here. 


Our corporate Broker Success Supporters (Pepper Money, MAP Lawyers, The Australian Lending and Investment Center) and our Broker Alliance Partners (AFG, WLTH) see The Broker Journal™ as an invaluable resource either for their teams, or for brokers and loan writers around the country with their dedication in supporting The Broker Journal™ through Brokers and Loan Writers.

The industry leaders are recognising that the mortgage broking industry is primed for huge potential and growth in the coming years.

It’s the broker who takes action now and masters the skills that will help them stand out and rise above the crowd as a consummate professional, a trusted advisor and a leading name, who will set themselves up for massive success. 


How to rise above?

You get to achieve that success by dedicating yourself to excellence.

  • Commit to better client engagement and outcomes. 
  • Commit to being known as the ultimate professional. 
  • Commit to ongoing, sustainable growth.
  • Commit to giving back to your team and community. 
  • Commit to nurturing your referral partners and your client’s relationships. 
  • Commit to working with better systems and routines consistently to see growth.
  • Commit to your coaching, to using the system we have laid out for you. 


The Broker Journal Best Suited To You If… 


  1. You’re the type of professional who believes that you can learn more by learning from other broker’s who’ve gone before you (made some hard mistakes) and are willing to share their knowledge.
  2. You want a step-by-step plan, guiding you on what actions to take each and every week to get you where you want to be.
  3. You’re so ready for a change of pace, some new ideas, some fresh strategies (because what you’ve been doing thus far isn’t cutting it) and you want it now.
  4. If you’re a self-employed broker, work for a mortgage brokerage, or you’re a loan writer. Also if you’re a part of a team.
  5. You can be new to the industry, eager for learning and development and ready to work. You can be a seasoned pro, in need of fresh ideas, a decent dose of motivation and a kick up the .. you know what.
  6. You can be a team of brokers or loan writers who have a shared goal of growth and domination.
  7. If you are a broker or loan writer with big goals to achieve, and you’re on the hunt for a blueprint of how to make it happen – you’re going to love The Broker Journal™.


Why Is NOW The Best Time To Start?


Start the year strong, get set with a plan, do the work and make it happen: end the year even better. Our online coaching uses a simple system for success that is based on tried, tested and successful strategies from industry leaders.

These strategies have been tested in both regional and metro markets. They are ready and waiting for you to use. 

Like any good gym workout, “work” happens when you take action and move. We all know the beginning of the year is a prime time to mentally start any new regime or dedicate yourself to any new learning.

With The Broker Journal™ you’ll find that the year is clearly mapped out for you with each week’s learning building upon the last and soon you’ll be seeing the results you crave. 

Coaching is not for everyone – if you are not ready for big change and growth, then you’re not ready for The Broker Journal™.

However, if you know it’s time to stop waiting for all the “wants” and start living into your dreams then you’re ready for the program.


  • You want to gain more direction – The Broker Journal™
  • You want to encourage better habits – The Broker Journal™
  • You want to experience better consistency – The Broker Journal™
  • You want to gain better behaviours – The Broker Journal™
  • You want to live better routines – The Broker Journal™
  • You want to enjoy better client engagements – The Broker Journal™
  • You want to see better client outcomes – The Broker Journal™
  • You’d like to invest in better referral partners – The Broker Journal™
  • You’d like to feel you have nailed better processes and systems – The Broker Journal™


Ppsstttt….we’re all here to support you, your vision and your dreams. We’ve done the hard work for you and the plan is ready for you right now. Click here. 


How Do I Start Right Now?

There is no better time to start than right now.

The way the learning ‘weeks’ and modules are structured, you can start at any week of the year but you have to start. It comes in a weekly format which means you will not be overwhelmed, however, one week at a time is the way to go.

So click here now and sign up for immediate access.

For an affordable $2 per day, the signup process is a no-brainer. This will be the best investment you can make today in your business.

Have More Questions?

Feel free to reach out to our team here.

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